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Finding Joy in the Process!

Whether it's art or cooking, writing or gardening, we all have a desire to create! At Creative Jane we give children (and adults!) the opportunity to explore art making with curiosity. We encourage joy in the process​ so that the finished product is really just the cherry on top! 


Class Highlights

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Toddler Art Play

Our creatively curated sensory bins and art experiences allow toddlers to splash, dig, squish, pile and swirl. No formal instruction is offered during Art Play but our creative stations will engage your curious little one and they'll love exploring our bright and colorful space. Great for children who are walking up to 4 years old. ​ 


Art Play School

Creative Jane Art Play School is an exploratory and creative educational option for your child. Curated just for 3-5 year olds, Art Play School meets twice a week for 2.5 hours each day.  Each class will focus on both teacher and child led experiences, books, collaborative work, music, play and art making will all be a part of our curriculum. Our desire is to foster an environment that encourages a love for learning and builds a strong sense of curiosity in the youngest of minds. 

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Art Explorations

A mixed-media class that explores art through drawing, painting, collage and sculpture! Each week is a new project and students will learn basic techniques to grow in their knowledge of creating art. Our curriculum and art projects are almost always inspired by art history, modern art styles and favorite children's book illustrators. We encourage young students to focus more on the process and enjoyment of art making rather than a perfected finished product. 


1781 W Fairbanks Ave

Winter Park, FL 32789​​

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